restricted access   Volume 14, Number 2, Fall 2014

Table of Contents

Law and Violence

Editors’ Note

pp. v-vi

Law after the Law: Contemporary Approaches to the Paradoxical Relationship between Law and Violence

pp. 1-10

Logics of Power, Logics of Violence (According to Hegel)

pp. 11-27

“The Gorgon’s Head”: Hegel on Law and Violence in the Frankfurt Fragments

pp. 29-48

Benjamin’s Divine Violence: Unjustifiable Justice

pp. 49-63

The Nonviolent “Enjunction” of Being: Heidegger on Ge-walt

pp. 65-78

“Before the Law” or Before the Other: Rethinking the “Paradox of Sovereignty” in Light of Lévinas’s Torah of Life

pp. 79-98

Law’s Violent Judgment: Does Agamben Have a Political Aesthetics?

pp. 99-110

Law, Justice, and Politics: Derrida on Deconstruction and Democracy to Come

pp. 111-126

Being with the Specters: Violence, Memory, and the Promise of Justice (a Montage with Two Archives)

pp. 127-144

When Police Violence Is More Than Violent Policing

pp. 145-152

“The Rights of Those Who Have Not the Rights that They Have”: The Human, the Citizen, the Intervals

pp. 153-168

On the Right to Have Rights: Human Rights; Marx and Arendt

pp. 169-214


pp. 215-218