restricted access   Volume 44, Number 1, March 1963

Table of Contents


La Crise Metcalfe and the Montreal Election, 1843–1844

pp. 1-19

Canada’s Interest in the Trade and the Sovereignty of Hawaii

pp. 20-42


p. 42


Pour une histoire à part entière par Lucien Febvre (review)

pp. 43-44

What is History? by Edward Hallett Carr (review)

pp. 44-45

America and the World Revolution and Other Lectures by Arnold J. Toynbee (review)

p. 45

Les Canadiens d’autrefois: Essais par Robert de Roquebrune (review)

pp. 45-47

Our Living Tradition ed. by R. L. McDougall (review)

pp. 48-49

Canada and the Privy Council by Coen G. Pierson (review)

pp. 49-50

Le Canada français missionaire: Une autre grande aventure par Lionel Groulx (review)

pp. 50-51

Documents on Canadian Foreign Policy, 1917–1939 ed. by Walter A. Riddell (review)

pp. 51-52

Canadian Annual Review for 1961: A Reference Guide and Record ed. by John T. Saywell (review)

pp. 52-53

President James Buchanan: A Biography by Philip S. Klein (review)

pp. 53-54

Commanders of the Army of the Potomac by Warren W. Hassler, Jr. (review)

pp. 54-55

Fessenden of Maine: Civil War Senator by Charles A. Jellison (review)

pp. 55-56

Patriotic Gore: Studies in the Literature of the American Civil War by Edmund Wilson (review)

pp. 56-57

The Rising American Empire by R. W. Van Alstyne (review)

pp. 57-58

The Reconstruction of American History ed. by John Higham (review)

pp. 58-59

Regalian Right in Medieval England by Margaret Howell (review)

pp. 59-60

Simon de Montfort by Margaret Wade Labarge (review)

pp. 60-61

Somerset, 1625 to 1640: A County’s Government during the “Personal Rule” by Thomas Garden Barnes (review)

p. 62

Skipper from Leith: A Life of Robert Barton of Over Barnton by W. Stanford Reid (review)

pp. 62-63

Jacobean Pageant: The Court of King James I by G. P. V. Akrigg (review)

pp. 63-64

The Political Correspondence of Mr. Gladstone and Lord Granville. I. 1876–1882; II. 1883–1886 ed. by Agatha Ramm (review)

pp. 64-65

Feudal Society by Marc Bloch (review)

pp. 65-66

War and Society in Renaissance Florence: The De Militia of Leonardo Bruni by C. C. Bayley (review)

pp. 66-70

A Seventeenth-century View of European Libraries: Lomeier’s De Bibliothecis, Chapter X trans. by John Warwick Montgomery (review)

p. 70

French Profiles: Prophets and Pioneers by G. P. Gooch (review)

pp. 70-71

Lord and Peasant in Russia from the Ninth to the Nineteenth Century by Jerome Blum (review)

pp. 71-72

Ivan the Great of Moscow by J. L. I. Fennell (review)

pp. 72-73

Alexander Herzen and the Birth of Russian Socialism, 1812–1855 by Martin Malia (review)

pp. 73-74

The Soviet Union at the United Nations: An Inquiry into Soviet Motives and Objectives by Alexander Dallin (review)

pp. 74-75

Glimpses of World History: Being Further Letters to his Daughter, Written in Prison, and Containing a Rambling Account of History for Young People by Jawaharlal Nehru (review)

pp. 76-77

Anglo-American Steamship Rivalry in China: 1862–1874 by Kwang-Ching Liu (review)

pp. 77-78

Singapore: The Japanese Version by Masanobu Tsuji (review)

pp. 78-80

A History of Africa: South of the Sahara by Donald L. Wiedner (review)

p. 80

A History of East Africa by Kenneth Ingham (review)

p. 81

Recent Publications Relating to Canada

pp. 82-87

Books Received

pp. 88-92