restricted access   Volume 37, Number 4, Summer 2014

Table of Contents

Working Students’ Perceptions of Paying for College: Understanding the Connections between Financial Aid and Work

pp. 429-467

Advanced Degrees of Debt: Analyzing the Patterns and Determinants of Graduate Student Borrowing

pp. 469-497

The Impact of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), Emerging HSIs, and Non-HSIs on Latina/o Academic Self-Concept

pp. 499-530

Divided Identity: Part-Time Faculty in Public Colleges and Universities

pp. 531-557

Book Reviews

Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities by Craig Steven Wilder (review)

pp. 559-562

Divided Conversations: Identities, Leadership, and Change in Public Higher Education by Kristin G. Esterberg and John Wooding (review)

pp. 562-565

The Idea of the Digital University: Ancient Traditions, Disruptive Technologies and the Battle for the Soul of Higher Education by Frank Bryce McCluskey and Melanie Lynn Winter (review)

pp. 565-567

How Universities Work by John V. Lombardi (review)

pp. 567-569

Author Index to Volume 37

pp. 571-574