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Ballast Reduction and the Audio Arts

pp. 1-6

Artists' Articles

Merapia: A Composition for Gamelan and Computer-Generated Tape

pp. 7-14

A Personal Approach to Contemporary Jazz: Works for Saxophone and Computer-Controlled Electronics

pp. 15-20

Technical Articles

Thresholds of Confidence: An Analysis of Statistical Methods for Composition: Part 2: Applications

pp. 21-26

Automated Composition from Computer Models of Biological behavior

pp. 27-31

Getting a Grip on Alternate Controllers: Addressing the Variability of Gestural Expression in Musical Instrument Design

pp. 33-40

Theoretical Perspective

The History of Electronic Music as a Reflection of Structural Paradigms

pp. 41-44

Special Section: Leon Theremin, Pioneer of Electronic Art

Light and Shadows of a Great Life: In Commemoration of the One-Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Leon Theremin, Pioneer of Electronic Art

pp. 45-48

The Design of a Musical Instrument Based on Cathode Relays

pp. 49-50

My Experience with the Theremin

pp. 51-55

The Theremin and Its Inventor in Twentieth-Century Russia

pp. 57-60

Music/Science Forum

The Electronic Music School Studio at the Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory of St. Petersburg

p. 61

Melody-Drawing Transformation

pp. 61-62

The Theremin Enthusiasts Club International

p. 63

The Theremin in the United Kingdom

p. 63

The Electroacoustic Music Studio of Yekaterinburg

p. 64

The Graphovox System of Musical Transformation

pp. 64-65

Followers of Theremin from Siberia

p. 65

The Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music

pp. 65-66

Optical Theater

pp. 66-67


Mastering The Theremin by William Olsen, Compact Discs Featuring Theremin’s Instruments, Music, Electronics, Intonation by Alexander P. Mentyukov, Alexei A, Soviet Faust: Lev Termen, Pioneer Of Electronic Art by Bulat M. Galeyev, The Theremin In The Emergence Of Electronic Music by Albert Vincent Glinsky (review)

pp. 68-72

Ρусская Библиографическая Термениана

pp. 73-75

Russian Bibliography

pp. 76-77

International Theremin Resource Directory

pp. 78-82

Theremin Discography

p. 83

CD Companion

p. 85

The Lyre’s Island: Some Australian Music, Sound Art and Design

pp. 89-93

Speaking Pantomimes: Notes on The Calling to Come

pp. 95-98

Towards the Design of a Real-Time Interactive Performance Sound System

pp. 99-107

Free Music

p. 109

Contributors’ Notes

pp. 111-115

Artists' Statements

The Electric Swaying Orchestra: A Music Machine with Certain Creative Powers

pp. 116-117

Toward the Integrated Support of Computer Graphics and Computer Music Creativity

pp. 117-118


Overture. Version 1.2 (review)

p. 119

Studio Vision Pro. Version 3.0 (review)

pp. 119-121

Materials Received

pp. 121-122

1996 Index: Leonardo Volume 29 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 6

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