restricted access   Volume 4, 1994

Table of Contents

Artists' Notes

Music from the Center of the Earth: Three Large-Scale Sound Installations

pp. 1-8

Radio Art in Waves

pp. 9-11

Transients of Attack and Hybrid Sounds: Toward a New Mixity

pp. 13-15

Interactive Radio

pp. 17-22

Technical Articles

Brahms at the Piano: An Analysis of Data from the Brahms Cylinder

pp. 23-30

L-Systems, Melodies and Musical Structure

pp. 31-38

Special Section
Sounding the Mind: Music and Cognitive Theory

Music, Cognition and Culture

pp. 39-40

Music and Trance

pp. 41-51

Mathematics and Music: A Search for Insight into Higher Brain Function

pp. 53-58

On the Tuning and Stretched Octave of Javanese Gamelans

pp. 59-68

The Fusion and Layering of Noise and Tone: Implications for Timbre in African Instruments

pp. 69-77

Computers, Composition and the Challenge of “New Music” in Modern India

pp. 79-84

Musical Scales in Central Africa and Java: Modeling by Synthesis

pp. 85-90

CD Companion

Some Comments about Electroacoustic Music and Life in Latin America

pp. 93-94

Contributors’ Notes

pp. 95-97

Music/Science Forum

Megalopolis Aborigines: The Tokyo-Osaka Action Art Ensemble’s 1992 Tour

pp. 99-106

The History of Electronic and Computer Music in Japan: Significant Composers and Their Works

pp. 102-106


Poésies Sonores ed. by Vincent Barras and Nicholas Zurbrugg (review)

p. 107

Wireless Imagination: Sound, Radio and the Avant-Garde ed. by Douglas Kahn and Gregory Whitehead (review)

pp. 107-108

Interactive Music Systems: Machine Listening and Composing by Robert Rowe (review)

pp. 108-109

The Music Machine: Selected Readings from Computer Music Journal ed. by Curtis Roads (review)

pp. 109-110

GRM Tools Version 1.5 by Hugues Vinet, Olivier Koechlin and Didier Brisson (review)

pp. 110-111

Hyperprism Version 1.1 (review)

pp. 111-112

Materials Received

p. 113

1994 Bibliography: Leonardo Volume 27 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 4

pp. 114-119