restricted access   Volume 23, Number 2-3, Spring/Summer 1990

Table of Contents

Color Plates


Why New Foundations?

pp. 165-167

Programs for the Coming Era

The Two Cultures

pp. 169-173

Mind/Senses/Hand: The Generative Systems Program at the Art Institute of Chicago 1970–1980

pp. 175-181

Perception and Notation: A Core Curriculum in the Arts

pp. 183-188

Art and Technology in Hungarian Education: Conflicts and Compromises

pp. 189-196

Steps Toward the Evolution of a New Medium: Computer-Aided Art and Design

pp. 197-200

The Electric Media Conspiracy: Myths, Models and Metaphors for Learning Through Art at the University of South Florida

pp. 201-207

Teaching As a Physicist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

pp. 209-214

Symmetry and Dissymmetry in Mathematics Education: One View from England

pp. 215-223

Art and Science for the Youth of New Mexico

pp. 225-226

An Artist-in-Residence Program in the Pennsylvania State University College of Engineering

pp. 227-230


About the Give and Take of Tools

p. 231

Classroom Lessons: Energy Use/Visualizing Time


Homography: Visualizing Time

pp. 233-240


Electrostatic Landscape

pp. 241-244

Letters from an Electrostatic Experimenter

pp. 245-250

Image Generation Survey: Electrostatics

pp. 251-253


Interactive Art and Cultural Change

pp. 255-262

Image Generation Survey: Interaction

pp. 263-265


Dimensional Hierarchies: An Artist’s Perspective

pp. 267-269

Light: The Fire Lesson

pp. 271-272

Image Generation Survey: Light

pp. 273-274


Image Generation Survey: Magnetics

pp. 275-276


An Audible-Constructs Primer

pp. 277-279

Temporal Notations: Four Lessons in the Visualization of Time

pp. 281-286

Image Generation Survey: Sound

pp. 287-290


Image Generation Survey: Heat

pp. 291-293


Copiers, Motion and Metamorphosis

pp. 295-300


C-itcoms—Visual Metaphors Written in the ‘C’ Programming Language

pp. 301-306

Cognition, Perception and the Computer

pp. 307-313

Image Generation Survey: Visualizing Time via Computers

pp. 315-317

Art/Scence Forum

The Academy of Media Arts Cologne

pp. 319-321

Symmetry of Structure: An Interdisciplinary Symposium, 13–19 August 1989

pp. 321-322

Current Literature

Does God Play Dice? (The Mathematics of Chaos) by Ian Stewart (review)

p. 323

Kandinsky’s Teaching at the Bauhaus: Color Theory and Analytical Drawing by Clark V. Poling (review)

pp. 323-325

The Computer Revolution and the Arts ed. by Richard L. Loveless (review)

pp. 325-326

The Computer Revolution and the Arts ed. by Richard L. Loveless (review)

pp. 326-327

Bildgebende Fotografie; Fotografik—Lichtgrafik — Lichtmalerel; Ursprünge, Konzepte Und Specifika Einer Kunstform by Gottfried Jäger (review)

pp. 327-328

The Foundations of Aesthetics, Art, and Art Education ed. by Frank H. Farley and Ronald W. Neperud (review)

p. 328

Fractal Programming in C by Roger T. Stevens (review)

p. 329

Symmetry 2; Unifying Human Understanding ed. by Istvan Hargittai (review)

p. 329


pp. 329-331

Software Survey

p. 332