restricted access   Volume 103, Number 4, Fall 2013

Table of Contents


Finding a Voice: Aharon Appelfeld between Czernowitz and Jerusalem

Editor’s Introduction

pp. 431-433

Aharon Appelfeld in Conversation with Nili Gold: University of Pennsylvania, October 2011

pp. 434-445

Aharon Appelfeld: Editor’s Cut

pp. 446-458

Life in the Cafe: On Diasporism in Aharon Appelfeld’s All Whom I Have Loved and A Table for One

pp. 459-468

Agnon and Appelfeld

pp. 469-474


Liturgy and Law: Approaches to Halakhic Material in Yannai’s Kedushta’ot

pp. 475-502

Der Welt-Dienst: International Anti-Semitic Propaganda

pp. 503-522

An Enemy Old and New: The Dönme, Anti-Semitism, and Conspiracy Theories in the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic

pp. 523-555

Acts of Assimilation: The Invention of Jewish American Literary History

pp. 556-579

Review Essays

Reconstructing the Social History of Rabbinic Ideas

pp. 581-588

New Turns in Jewish Historiography?

pp. 589-598


p. 599

Books Received