restricted access   Volume 28, Number 5, October 1995

Table of Contents

Theme and Variations

p. ii


The Politics of the Artificial

pp. 349-356

Virtual Environments and the Concept of Synergy

pp. 357-360

Artifice, Artifact: The Landscape of the Constructed Digital Environment

pp. 361-367

The Chrome Age: Dawn of Virtual Reality

pp. 369-380

The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction: An Evolving Thesis: 1991–1995

pp. 381-386

CD-ROM: Radical Nostalgia?: Cinema History/Cinema Theory, and New Technology

pp. 387-394

Towards a Poetics of Knowledge

pp. 395-398

OU: Interactivity as Divination as Vending Machine

pp. 399-402

Mastery: Computer Games, Intuitive Interfaces, and Interactive Multimedia

pp. 403-408

Desire Lines and Mercurial Tendencies: Resisting and Embracing the Possibilities for Digital Architecture

pp. 409-414

A World Exhilarating and Wrong: Theatrical Improvisation on the Internet

pp. 415-422

Time as Medium: Five Artists’ Video Installations

pp. 423-426

Transparent Technology: The Swan Song of Electronics

pp. 427-432

Digital Media and Ephemeralness: Art, Artist, and Viewer

pp. 433-435

Beyond the Context: Landscapes, Pictures, and the Epistemology of Image-Making

pp. 437-439

An Overview of Computer Art and Education in Hong Kong

pp. 441-446

Curator’s Statement

p. 447


Gallery Artworks

pp. 448-468

Computer Animation

pp. 469-477


pp. 478-481

Exhibiting Artists

pp. 482-483

The Jury

p. 484