restricted access   Volume 30, Number 5, October 1997

Table of Contents

Anniversary Annal

pp. 339-342


“Worst Case Scenarios”: The Fiction of the Internet

pp. 343-348

The Grimm Tale: The Evolution of a Multimedia Performance

pp. 349-354

An Online General Hospital: Constructing an Experience and Representation of Mental Health

pp. 355-358

Virtual Encounters: Community or Collaboration on the Internet?

pp. 359-363

Houdini’s Premonition: Virtuality and Vaudeville on the Internet

pp. 365-376

Memories of a Virtual Butterfly: The World and the Screen

pp. 377-383

O Body Swayed to Music (and Vice Versa): Roles for the Computer in Dance

pp. 385-389

What’s in a Name?

pp. 390-391

Creative Interlocutors: A Manifesto

pp. 393-394

Artists' Statements

Can You See Me Through the Computer?

p. 395

Last Entry: Bombay, 1st of July

p. 396

From the Leaf Series

p. 396

Law of Averages

p. 397

Sampling Space

p. 397

The Information Age

p. 398

Rosa antipodea

p. 398

Visible Traces

p. 399


p. 399

Illuminated Manuscript

p. 400


p. 400


p. 401

El Ultimo Cemi

p. 401


Gallery Artworks

pp. 407-432

Of Walls and Windows

pp. 405-406

Computer Animations

pp. 437-447

The Line and the Pixel

pp. 434-436


pp. 451-456

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pp. 449-450

Exhibiting Artists

pp. 457-459

The Jury

pp. 460-464