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    Robert L. Perlman
    Richard L. Landau
    Morton Arnsdorf

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    Alan N. Schechter Solveig C. Robinson

    Advisory Board:

    Baruch Blumberg Philadelphia
    Christian de Duve Brussels
    Roger Guillemin San Diego
    Elwood Jensen Stockholm
    Robert L. Kroc Santa Barbara
    Rosalyn S. Yalow New York

    Editorial Board:

    Daniel A. Albert Philadelphia
    William S. Beck Boston
    Paul B. Beeson Seattle
    Bryan P. Bergeron Boston
    Douglas Black London
    Gert H. Brieger Baltimore
    Donald Chambers Chicago
    Paul W. Ewald Amherst
    Anne Fausto-Sterling Providence
    Renee Fox Philadelphia
    Walter B. Gratzer London
    Clifford W. Gurney Gainesville
    Stewart Hulse Baltimore
    Paul R. McHugh Baltimore
    Victor A. McKusick Baltimore
    Martha Montello Kansas City
    Benno Müller-Hill Köln
    Sherwin Nuland New Haven
    Alan L. Pearlman St. Louis
    Arthur Rubenstein New York
    Ronald Singer Chicago
    Alfred I. Tauber Boston
    Delese Wear Rootstown
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