JHR Editorial Board

The editors of the Journal of Human Resources intend to add to the JHR’s decades of accomplishment by offering rigorous and policy-relevant articles. The Editor is Sandra E. Black of the University of Texas, Austin; The Board of Editors includes: Patricia Anderson of Dartmouth College; Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University; Kerwin Kofi Charles of the University of Chicago; Julie Berry Cullen of the University of California, San Diego; Rajeev Dehejia of New York University; Thomas DeLeire of the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Paul J. Devereux of University College Dublin; Joseph Doyle of MIT Sloan School of Management; David Figlio of Northwestern University; Thomas J. Kniesner of Syracuse University; Jens Ludwig of the University of Chicago; Steven Stern of the University of Virginia; and Miguel Urquiola of Columbia University.