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Editorial Board


Marsha Orgeron and Devin Orgeron, North Carolina State University

Managing Editor

Teri Tynes

Book Reviews Editor

Alison Trope, University of Southern California

Film Reviews Editor

Michael Baskett, University of Kansas

Editorial Assistant

Greg Linnell

Editorial Board

Snowden Becker, University of Texas at Austin
Howard Besser, New York University
Ed Carter, Academy Film Archive
Paolo Cherchi Usai, George Eastman House
Grover Crisp, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa, University of Texas at Austin
Luciana Duranti, University of British Columbia
Thomas Elsaesser, University of Amsterdam
Karen Gracy, Kent State University
Haden Guest, Harvard University
Tom Gunning, University of Chicago
Michele Hilmes, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jan-Christopher, Horak University of California, Los Angeles
Priya Jaikumar, University of Southern California
Nico de Klerk, EYE Film Institute Netherlands
Martin Koerber, Deutsche Kinemathek
Andrea Leigh, Library of Congress
James Lindner, Media Matters LLC