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From: Theory & Event

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Introduction – Theorizing the printemps érable

The Quebec Student Strike – A Chronology

Creating Possibility: The Time of the Quebec Student Movement

Carré rouge. Le destin politique d’une forme colorée

Red Square: A Colored Form’s Political Destiny

To Misters Pratte, Dubuc, Facal and all the others who do not understand

The truth of le printemps érables

Intuition première: la force étrange du printemps québécois

A First Intuition: The Strange Force of the Québécois Spring

Share Our Future: The CLASSE Manifesto

Outlaw Universities

La grève étudiante, un révélateur social

The Student Strike: A Revealing Social Indicator

Grève étudiante et démocratie : d’une crise à l’autre

Student Strike and Democracy: From one Crisis to the Other

Poetic Resistance and the Classroom without Guarantees

Propositions for Collective Action – Towards an Ethico-Aesthetic Politics

Buying Out: Of Capitulation and Contestation

Quebec’s #casseroles: on participation, percussion and protest

The Political Philosophy of the “Printemps Érable”