restricted access   Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2012

Table of Contents

Digital Philology: A Journal of Medieval Cultures

pp. 1-2

Thierry Delcourt: In Memoriam

pp. 3-4


Feuding, Factionalism and Fictions of National Identity: Reconsidering Charles VII’s Armagnacs

pp. 5-31

The Most Delectable of Languages

pp. 32-41

Stylometry for Medieval Authorship Studies: An Application to Rhyme Words

pp. 42-72

Global Language or Universal Language?: From Babel to the Illustrious Vernacular

pp. 73-109

“The Foot on Which He Limps”: Jean Gerson and the Rehabilitation of Jean de Meun in Arsenal 3339

pp. 110-138

Manuscript Study

Readers and Compilators of Ausiàs March’s Poetry in Barcelona (BNE, MS 2985)

pp. 139-159


The Destruction of Troy

pp. 160-162

William of Palerne

pp. 163-166

Roman de la Rose Digital Library

pp. 166-169

A New History of Medieval French Literature

pp. 169-172