restricted access   Volume 26, Number 1, Winter 2011

Table of Contents

Readers Respond

pp. 3-4

From the Publishers

A Note from the Sunny Side

p. 5

Turning Tikkun Olam into Action

pp. 5-94


Tikkun at 25

pp. 6-9


Psychedelics, Spirituality, and Transformation

pp. 10-88

The Master’s Mehserle Can Never Dismantle the Master’s House

pp. 13-91

Shasta and Goliath: Bringing Down Corporate Rule

pp. 15-16

Special Section: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

The State of the Spirit, 2011

pp. 17-24

A Note from Michael Lerner about the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Section

p. 27

Words of Appreciation

pp. 20-21

The Social Movement as a Parallel Universe

pp. 25-26

The “How To” of Caring Community

pp. 26-27

Listen, Laugh, Love

p. 28

Democratizing the Economy from the Bottom Up

pp. 28-29

Solidarity with Palestinian Activists

p. 30

Hope and Healing—A Moment of Mishnah

pp. 30-31

Balancing Activism and the Cosmic

pp. 31-32

My Advice (Short and to the Point, in the Spirit of Hillel)

p. 32

Tikkun Olam Starts at Home

p. 33

On Relinquishing and Receiving: A Christian Approach to Tikkun Olam

p. 34

What Is a Superpower?

p. 35

Tikkun of the Fertile Soil

p. 36

Rejecting Cultures of Domination

p. 37

The Ethical Challenge for Diaspora Jews

p. 38

Nineteen Ways to Heal and Transform the World

p. 39

Polarities to the Rescue

p. 40

Formative Culture in the Age of Imposed Forgetting

p. 41

My Two Cents

p. 42

Tikkun Olam: The Art of Nonviolent Civil Resistance

pp. 42-43

Justice and Trauma: Reflections on Terrorism and Empire

pp. 43-44

Inner Courage and Love: The Path to Disarmament

pp. 45-46

How the Light Gets In

p. 46

Nine Qualities of the Spiritual Activist

p. 47

Tikkun Olam Without Coercion: Living into the World We Want to Create

p. 48

Prophetic Voices Should Be Bold

p. 49

A New Future for Food

p. 50

Do Not Hold Back: Notes from a Gay Congregation

p. 51

From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth

p. 52

The Decalogue as an ABC of Human Behavior

p. 53

Six Rabbis Pray in Jail

p. 54

Prophets and Sages in Tikkun

p. 55

Climate Stability First

pp. 56-57

A Memo on the Arc of the Universe

p. 57

Apologies and Advice: A Letter to Younger Activists

pp. 58-59

Getting with the Program

p. 59

Hard-Won Tips for Twenty-First Century Activists

pp. 60-61

Fighting to Prevent Global Hunger

pp. 61-62

On Narratives, Power, and Peace: A Note from a Palestinian Activist

pp. 62-63

Making Polarization a Last Resort

pp. 63-64

Descending from Mount Moriah: A Reflection on Interfaith Study

p. 64

An Age In Need of Prophets

pp. 65-66

Neti Neti: A Manifesto to End Religious Violence

pp. 66-67

How We Treat Each Other Makes a Difference

pp. 67-68

Fear and Consequences: Healing from Jewish Historical Trauma

pp. 68-69

The Relational Worldview

p. 69

In Celebration of the Mustard Seeds

p. 70

Outrage at Suffering, Awe at the Universe

p. 71

Opening Our Inner Selves to Tikkun Olam

p. 72


Villanelle: Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World)

p. 44


p. 66

Poem for Myself for My Birthday

p. 73

Rethinking Religion

A European Revival of Liberation Theology

pp. 74-93

The Nature of Evil

pp. 80-94



Where God Is Hiding

pp. 84-85


Intimate Struggles, Global Politics

p. 85



p. 86


Culture Klatch

p. 95

Tikkun Recommends

pp. 96-97