restricted access   Volume 15, Number 1, Winter 2003

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From: Public Culture

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Special Issue: Violence & Redemption

Guest Editor: Late Liberalism Collective

Editor's Note

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From the Field

p. 209

Violence and Redemption

Introduction: Violence, Redemption, and the Liberal Imagination

pp. 1-10


pp. 11-40

What Like a Bullet Can Undeceive?

pp. 41-54

Man: An American Assay

pp. 55-64

"Comes a Time We Are All Enthusiasm": Understanding Palestinian Suicide Bombers in Times of Exighophobia

pp. 65-89

Rotor Hearts: The Helicopter as Postmodern War's Pacemaker

pp. 90-102

Disappointing Indigenous People: Violence and the Refusal of Help

pp. 103-125

Times of Crisis: Historicity, Sacrifice, and the Spectacle of Debacle in Mexico City

pp. 127-147

Remembering/Forgetting the May Riots: Architecture, Violence, and the Making of "Chinese Cultures" in Post-1998 Jakarta

pp. 149-177

Reconciliation and Response

From Reconciliation to Coexistence

pp. 181-186

Justice and Retribution in Postconflict Settings

pp. 187-190

Doubting the Unconditional Need for Retribution

pp. 191-194

Departures from Violence: Love Is Not Enough

pp. 195-197

Why Reconciliation? A Response to Critics

pp. 199-208