Volume 50, Number 2, December 2011

Table of Contents

  The First Fifty Years of Oceanic Linguistics

pp. 285-311

  Languages in Contact: An Exploration of Stability and Change in the Solomon Islands

pp. 312-337

  Javanese -aké and -akən: A Short History

pp. 338-350

  Metaphorical Euphemisms of relationship and death in Kavalan, Paiwan, and Seediq

pp. 351-379

  Na Passive and na- Associative in Abma: Shared Properties; Shared Origin?

pp. 380-398

  The Problem of Doubleting in Austronesian Languages

pp. 399-457

  Transitivity in Longgu: The Interdependence of Verb Classes and Valency-Changing Derivations

pp. 458-482

  Contact-Induced Change in Southern Bougainville

pp. 483-523


  'Eye of the day': A Response to Urban (2010)

pp. 524-535

  Languages and Genes Attest Different Histories in Island Southeast Asia

pp. 536-542

  Pronominal Number in Mongondow-Gorontalo

pp. 543-550

Research Note

  POLLEX-Online: The Polynesian Lexicon Project Online

pp. 551-559

Review Article

  Dempwolff Reinvented: A Review of Wolff (2010)

pp. 560-579

Book Reviews

  Serial verb constructions in Austronesian and Papuan languages (review)

pp. 580-583

  Discovering history through language: Papers in honour of Malcolm Ross (review)

pp. 584-589

  A reference grammar of Puyuma, an Austronesian language of Taiwan (review)

pp. 590-600

  Index to Oceanic Linguistics Volumes 1–50 (1962–2011)

pp. 601-676

  Index of Languages in Volume 50

pp. 677-690