restricted access   Volume 87, Number 3, August 2011

Table of Contents


Crowding Out Open Space: The Effects of Federal Land Programs on Private Land Trust Conservation

p. iii


How Can Behavioral Economics Inform Nonmarket Valuation?: An Example from the Preference Reversal Literature

pp. 365-381

Accounting for Spatial Heterogeneity and Autocorrelation in Spatial Discrete Choice Models: Implications for Behavioral Predictions

pp. 382-402

Agroecology of an Island Economy

pp. 403-411

An Econometric Analysis of Land Development with Endogenous Zoning

pp. 412-432

Empathy-Conditioned Conservation: "Walking in the Shoes of Others" as a Conservation Farmer

pp. 433-452

The Effect of Conservation Activity on Surrounding Land Prices

pp. 453-472

Forest Tenure Reform in China: A Choice Experiment on Farmers' Property Rights Preferences

pp. 473-487

Harnessing the Forces of Urban Expansion: The Public Economics of Farmland Development Allowances

pp. 488-507

Environmental and Production Cost Impacts of No-till in Finland: Estimates from Observed Behavior

pp. 508-527

Urban Water Demand with Periodic Error Correction

pp. 528-544

Environmental Regulation Cost and Industry Structure Changes

pp. 545-557