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Founding Coeditors

Jennifer L. Holberg, Calvin College
Marcy Taylor, Central Michigan University

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From the Classroom

Elizabeth Brockman, Central Michigan University


Mark C. Long, Keene State College

Editorial Assistant

Melissa Lowe

Editorial Board

Barclay Barrios, Florida Atlantic University
David Bartholomae, University of Pittsburgh
Michael Bérubé, Pennsylvania State University
Martin Bickman, University of Colorado
Patricia Bizzell, College of the Holy Cross
Kathleen Blake, University of Washington
David Bleich, University of Rochester
Linda Brodkey, University of California, San Diego
Marshall Brown, University of Washington
Pamela L. Caughie, Loyola University, Chicago
Sheila T. Cavanagh, Emory University
Shawn Christian, Wheaton College (MA)
Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Michigan State University
Laurie Finke, Kenyon College
Linda Garber, Santa Clara University
Gerald Graff, University of Illinois, Chicago
Marshall Gregory, Butler University
Juan C. Guerra, University of Washington
Salah Hassan, Michigan State University
Gregory Jay, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Ann Jurecic, Rutgers University
Paul Lauter, Trinity College (Hartford, CT)
George Levine, Rutgers University
Shirley Geok-lin Lim, University of California, Santa Barbara
Harriet Kramer Linkin, New Mexico State University
Laura Mandell, Miami University of Ohio
Donald Marshall, Pepperdine University
Jerome McGann, University of Virginia
Susan McLeod, University of California, Santa Barbara
Richard E. Miller, Rutgers University
Shelley Reid, George Mason University
Mariolina Salvatori, University of Pittsburgh
Beth Samuelson, Central Michigan University
Robert Scholes, Brown University
Geoffrey Sirc, University of Minnesota
Gail Stygall, University of Washington
Lad Tobin, Boston College