restricted access   Volume 20, Number 2, October 2002

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From: Journal of Modern Greek Studies

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Special Issue: Greek Worlds, Ancient and Modern

Guest Editor: Gonda Van Steen

About the Authors

pp. 443-444


Greek Worlds, Ancient and Modern: To Whom They May (or May Not) Concern

pp. 175-190

Classics in Performance

pp. 191-213

Ancient [Anamnesis], National [Mneme] in the Poetry of Giorgos Seferis

pp. 215-239

Perceptions of the Parthenon in Modern Greek Poetry

pp. 241-272

An "Ancient" Landscape: European Ideals, Archaeology, and Nation Building in Early Modern Greece

pp. 273-305

The Other "Parthenon": Antiquity and National Memory at Makronisos

pp. 307-338

Landscape, Memories, and Medicine: Traditional Healing in Amari, Crete

pp. 339-365

Misunderstood and Forgotten: The Greek Naval Mutiny of April 1944

pp. 367-397

Book Reviews

United States Policy Towards Cyprus, 1954-1974 (review)

pp. 421-424

The Cue for Passion: Grief and Its Political Uses (review)

pp. 424-428

Kassandra and the Censors: Greek Poetry Since 1967 (review)

pp. 428-431

Ierousalem: Anekdoto Hemerologio (Aprilios-Maios 1921) (review)

pp. 431-433

Studies on Modern Greek Society and Politics (review)

pp. 434-436

Open Hearth: The First Generation (review)

pp. 436-438

The Enlightenment and the Orthodox World (review)

pp. 438-440

Books Received, Spring/Summer, 2002

p. 441