restricted access   Issue 4, Number 1, January 2011

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From: Journal of Jewish Identities

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Editor's Note

pp. iii-v


pp. vii-ix

The Russian-Jewish Transnational Social Space: An Overview

pp. 1-11

Community, Memory, and Shifting Jewish Identities in Germany Since 1989: The Case of Munich

pp. 13-42

Between the Red and Yellow Stars: Ethnic and Religious Identity of Soviet Jewish World War II Veterans in New York, Toronto, and Berlin

pp. 43-64

Jews from the Former Soviet Union in Australia: Assimilating or Maintaining Jewish Identities?

pp. 65-85

Between Russianness, Jewishness, and Israeliness: Identity Patterns and Media Uses of the FSU Immigrants in Israel

pp. 87-104

Hebrew Learning and Identity Perception among Russian Speakers in Israel

pp. 105-127

Soviet Jewishness and Cultural Studies

pp. 129-146

Russian Israeli Literature through the Lens of Immigrant Humor

pp. 147-169

Israel and the Concept of Homeland in Russian Jewish Literature after 1970

pp. 171-190