restricted access   Volume 49, Number 2, December 2010

Table of Contents

Southern Subanen Aspiration

pp. 319-338

The Amis Left Periphery

pp. 339-358

Aspiration in Some Varieties of Northern Aslian

pp. 359-368

Vowel Loss in Tirax and the History of the Apicolabial Shift

pp. 369-388

Gerundive Nominals in Malagasy

pp. 389-406

Neuter Gender in Eastern Indonesia

pp. 407-435

Palauan Velar Nasals and the Diachronic Development of PMP Noun Phrases: A Response to Blust

pp. 436-477

Manide: An Undescribed Philippine Language

pp. 478-510

Negation in Bierebo and the Other Languages of Epi, Central Vanuatu

pp. 511-542


Is Puyuma a Primary Branch of Austronesian?: A Reply to Sagart

pp. 543-558

Malaita-Micronesian Once Again

pp. 559-567

‘Sun’ = ‘Eye of the Day’: A Linguistic Pattern of Southeast Asia and Oceania

pp. 568-579

Review Article

Bukawa’s Suprasegmental Journey: A Review of Eckermann (2007)

pp. 580-590

Book Reviews

Role relationships and lexical descriptions applied to Batad Ifugao (review)

pp. 591-594

Nese: A diminishing speech variety of Northwest Malakula (Vanuatu) (review)

pp. 595-600


Index of Languages in Volume 49

pp. 601-620