Editorial Boards


Elizabeth Delacruz
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Assistant to the Editors

Carole Smith
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Book Review Editor

Christine Thompson

Founding Editors

George W. Hardiman and Theodore Zernich (1973–1992)

Past Editors

Nancy Gardner (1993–1997) and Christine Thompson (1998–2001)

Guest Editors

Nancy Gardner & Linda Duke
Museum Education
Issue 35, 1992

Elizabeth M. Delacruz & Vesta Daniel
Multicultural Art Education
Issue 37, 1993

Ron MacGregor
The Evolution of Discipline-Based Art Education
Issue 46, 1997

Christine Thompson & Steve Thunder-McGuire
Symposium to Honor Marilyn Zurhmuehlen
Issue 48, 1998

Christine Thompson & Liora Bresler
Context in Early Artistic Learning
Issue 50, 1999

Paul Duncum
Visual Culture
Issue 56, 2002

Julia Kellman & Doug Blandy
Diverse Populations
Issue 58, 2004

Karen Keifer-Boyd
Intersections of Technology with Art Education
Issue 60, 2005

Laurel H. Campbell & Peter London
Holistic Approaches to Art Education
Issue 62, 2006

Patricia Stuhr
Papers Presented at a Visual Culture Gathering
Issue 63, 2006

Brent Wilson & Christine Marmé Thompson
Child Art After Modernism
Issue 65, 2007

David Ebitz
Museum Education
Issue 67, 2008