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Editorial Board


Robert E. Litan, Brookings Institution
Richard Herring, University of Pennsylvania


Elizabeth Forsyth, Editorial Associate
Catherine Theohary, Research Verifier

Authors and Discussants

Reena Aggarwal, Georgetown University
Edward J. Kane, Boston College
James R. Barth, Auburn University and Milken Institute
Gerard Caprio Jr., World Bank
Hernando De Soto, Institute for Liberty and Democracy (Peru)
Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, Indian Statistical Institute
Morris Goldstein, International Institute for Economics
Qaizar Hussain, International Monetary Fund
Gordon W. Johnson, World Bank
Edward J. Kane, Boston College
George G. Kaufman, Loyola University
Jenny Lanjouw, Yale University
Richard M. Levich, New York University
Ross Levine, University of Minnesota
Frederic S. Mishkin, Columbia University and National Bureau of Economic Research
Robert Strahota, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Clas Wihlborg, Copenhagen Business School and Goteborg University

Advisers Participating in the Conference

Michael Brennan, University of California, Los Angeles
J. David Cummins, University of Pennsylvania
Eugene F. Fama, University of Chicago
Edward J. Kane, Boston College
Jonathan R. Macey, Cornell Law School
Robert C. Merton, Harvard Business School
Geoffrey P. Miller, New York University
Stewart C. Myers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robert J. Shiller, Yale University

Guests whose comments are reflected in this issue

Dan Tarullo, Georgetown University Law Center
Cally Jordan, World Bank
Stewart Myers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Judith Beckwith, Chemonics International
Wayne Camard, International Monetary Fund
Frank Fernandes, Securities Industry Association
Bob McCormick
Michael Pomerleano, World Bank
Anthony Santomero, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Carol Graham, Brookings Institution
Sherman Boone, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Phil Bartholomew, International Monetary Fund
Don Sherk, International Business and Technical Consultants
Larry Promiso, World Bank
Ralph Bryant, Brookings Institution
Josh Felman, International Monetary Fund
Ted Truman, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Stan Fischer, International Monetary Fund

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