restricted access   Volume 13, Issue 1, 2010

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From: Theory & Event

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open access   Editors' Introduction: Form-of-Life: Giorgio Agamben, Ontology and Politics

Introductory Note on the Concept of Democracy

Feminine 'I can': On Possibility and Praxis in Agamben's Work

The Abandonment of Sex: Giorgio Agamben, Psychoanalysis and Melancholia

'A New Use of the Self': Giorgio Agamben on the Coming Community

The Sacred and the Unspeakable: Giorgio Agamben's Ontological Politics

Potentiality or Capacity?— Agamben's Missing Subjects

Politics without Action, Economy without Labor


Memories of My Green Machine: Posthumanism at War

Unleashing the Acheron: Sacrificial Partisanship, Sovereignty, and History

"These Are Bad People" - Enemy Combatants and the Homopolitics of the "War on Terror"

Torture Debates in the post-9/11 United States: Law, Violence, and Governmentality

Jumpstarting the Decolonial Engine: Symbolic Violence from Fanon to Chávez

War against Biopower - Timely Reflections on an Historicist Foucault


Hobbes's "Thinking-bodies"

Hobbes's Politically Subversive Messianism

On the Dream Bridges between Loneliness and Solidarity