Call for Submissions
Volume 14, Fall 2010

The Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies responds to the need to provide a venue for truly insightful interdisciplinary work. While our version of Cultural Studies is deeply rooted in a conceptualization of culture that attempts to return the text to its rightful place as part of the rich mixture of material reality that forms our everyday existence, our pages are open to those who work with many definitions of Cultural Studies. We hope that a variety of perspectives will open a dialogue that will enable us to examine what we do as scholars, what happens in the Hispanic world and what we do in the classroom. In this way we hope our journal will find a way to transcend the limits of academic scholarship and transform our academic endeavors. The Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies appears in the Fall of each year. All essays are reviewed by members of the editorial board and other outside readers. Each year submissions are accepted between January 1 and January 31. By May 30 a final decision about the content of each volume will be made. The journal does not maintain a backlog.

The Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies accepts manuscripts of 15-30 double-spaced pages including references and notes. Authors should submit an electronic version of the document via e-mail attachment. Essays should be prepared in accordance with the third edition of the MLA Style Manual. The journal accepts essays in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Authors are responsible for providing any tables, drawings, or illustrations (black and white only). Authors are responsable for securing permissions and providing camera ready copy of original visual materials they wish to include in their articles.

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