restricted access   Volume 34, Number 1, Winter 2010

Table of Contents

From the Editor

pp. vii-viii

Pulling Down the Clouds: The O'odham Intellectual Tradition during the "Time of Famine"

pp. 1-32

Cultivating Common Ground: Cultural Revitalization in Anishinaabe and Anthropological Discourse

pp. 33-60

The Indigenous Researcher as Individual and Collective: Building a Research Practice Ethic within the Context of Indigenous Languages

pp. 61-82

The Flemish Bastard and the Former Indians: Métis and Identity in Seventeenth-Century New York

pp. 83-108

Book Reviews

What Does Justice Look Like? The Struggle for Liberation in Dakota Homeland (review)

pp. 109-111

Enduring Nations: Native Americans in the Midwest (review)

pp. 111-113

Father Meme: A Novel (review)

pp. 113-115

Early Native Literacies in New England: A Documentary and Critical Anthology (review)

pp. 115-118

Experience Mayhew's "Indian Converts": A Cultural Edition (review)

pp. 118-120

Columbus and Other Cannibals: The Wétiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism and Terrorism (review)

pp. 120-122

Unearthing Indian Land: Living with the Legacies of Allotment (review)

pp. 122-124

Film Review

American Outrage: A Documentary That Rides the Rails of Indian Hating (review)

pp. 125-128



p. 129