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Editorial Board

Senior Editorial Staff


Sara McLanahan, Princeton University
Director of the Center for Research on Child Wellbeing and Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs

Senior Editor

Ron Haskins, Brookings Institution
Senior Fellow, Economic Studies Program

Senior Editor

Christina Paxson, Princeton University
Director of the Center for Health and Wellbeing and Professor of Economics and Public Affairs

Senior Editor

Isabel Sawhill, Brookings Institution
Vice President and Director, Economic Studies Program

Journal Staff

Executive Director

Elisabeth Hirschhorn Donahue, Princeton University

Managing Editor

Brenda Szittya, Brookings Institution

Program Manager

Kris Emerson, Princeton University

Outreach Director

Lisa Markham-Pithers, Princeton University

Outreach Director

Julie Clover, Brookings Institution

Communications Coordinator

Regina Leidy, Princeton University

Outreach Coordinator

Mary Baugh, Brookings Institution

Board of Advisors

Lawrence Balter, New York University
Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Columbia University
Peter Budetti, University of Oklahoma
Judith Feder, Georgetown University
William Galston, Brookings Institution, University of Maryland
Jean B. Grossman, Public/Private Ventures, Princeton University
Kay S. Hymowitz, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Charles N. Kahn III, Federation of American Hospitals
Marguerite Kondracke, America’s Promise—The Alliance for Youth
Rebecca Maynard, University of Pennsylvania
Lynn Thoman, Corporate Perspectives
Heather B. Weiss, Harvard University
Amy Wilkins, Education Reform Now