restricted access   Volume 25, Number 3, Spring 2002

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From: The Review of Higher Education

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Guest Editors' Introduction

pp. 237-240

A Backward Glance Forward: Past, Present and Future Perspectives on Historically Black Colleges and Universities

pp. 241-261

Good Intentions: Collegiate Desegregation and Transdemographic Enrollments

pp. 263-280

Who Will Succeed in College? When The SAT Predicts Black Students' Performance

pp. 281-296

The Socialization of Black College Faculty: Implications for Policy and Practice

pp. 297-314

Uneven Stories: Successful Black Collegians at a Black and a White Campus

pp. 315-330

Involvement, Interaction, and Satisfaction: The Human Environment at HBCUs

pp. 331-347

Black Colleges and College Choice: Characteristics of Students Who Choose HBCUs

pp. 349-358

Review Essay

Culture and Institutional Climate: Influences on Diversity in Higher Education

pp. 359-368