Sol Miguel-Prendes, Wake Forest University

Managing Editor

Isidro J. Rivera, University of Kansas

Editor For Information Technology

Francisco Gago-Jover, College of the Holy Cross

Book Review Editor

Mark D. Johnston, DePaul University

Editor At Large

George D. Greenia, College of William & Mary

Production Editor

Cornelia W. Barr

Editorial Assistants, Vol.37.1

Clara Pascual-Argente, Georgetown University
Maria C. Fellie, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ricardo Javier Huamán, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Montserrat Torres-Nogales, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
María José García Otero, The University of Kansas
María García Puente, The University of Kansas

Executive Committee, MLA Division On Spanish Medieval Language And Literature

Frank A. Domínguez, University of North Carolina
Gregory Hutcheson, Chair, University of Louisville
Anthony Cárdenas, University of New Mexico
Óscar Martín, Yale University
Emily C. Francomano, Georgetown University