restricted access   Volume 7, Number 2, January 1997

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From: Postmodern Culture

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"But It Is Above All Not True": Derrida, Relativity, and the "Science Wars"

The Jewish Entertainer as Cultural Lightning Rod: The Case of Lenny Bruce

Currency Exchanges: The Postmodern, Vattimo, Et Cetera, Among Other Things (Et Cetera)

"The Feathery Rilke Mustaches and Porky Pig Tattoo on Stomach": High and Low Pressures in Gravity's Rainbow

Bodily Mut(il)ation: Enscribing Lesbian Desire

The Book of Myst in the Late Age of Print


Radio Free Alice

Son of Kong, How Do You Do?


"Lifetime of anger and pain: KalĂ­ Tal and the literatures of trauma"

Dressing the text: on the road with the artist's book

Holly Hughes performing: self-invention and body talk

Failing to succeed: toward a postmodern ethic of otherness

Resuscitation of dead metaphors

What was (the white) race? Memory, categories, change


Selected Letters from Readers


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