restricted access   Number 66/67, 2008

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From: Transformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa

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Special Issue on South African Local Government


Introduction: The place of participation in South African local democracy

pp. i-vii


Are practices of local participation sidelining the institutional participatory channels?: Reflections from Johannesburg

pp. 1-33

'They know me, I will not get any job': public participation, patronage, and the sedation of civil society in a Capetonian township

pp. 34-60

Party politics, elite accountability and public participation: Ward committee politics in the Msunduzi Municipality

pp. 61-82

Space matters: identity, justice and democracy at the ward level in South African cities

pp. 83-97

Scale and identity in post-apartheid Soweto

pp. 98-115

South Africans' participation in local politics and government

pp. 117-141

Electoral turnout in Johannesburg: socio-economic and political determinants

pp. 142-167

Between the community hall and the city hall: five research questions on participation

pp. 168-188


Planning and Transformation: learning from the post-apartheid experience (review)

pp. 189-192

Mapping Colonial Conquest: Australia and Southern Africa (review)

pp. 193-196


Notes on Contributors

p. 197