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From: Journal of Cold War Studies

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Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

pp. 1-2

The Change to Engagement in Britain’s Cold War Policy: The Origins of the Thatcher-Gorbachev Relationship

pp. 3-47

International Economic Dimensions of the Cold War

CMEA’s International Investment Bank and the Crisis of Developed Socialism

pp. 48-77

GATT and the Cold War: Accession Debates, Institutional Development, and the Western Alliance, 1947–1959

pp. 78-109

Cold War Economics: Soviet Aid to Indonesia

pp. 110-128

Book Reviews

America and Guerrilla Warfare, and: Resisting Rebellion: The History and Politics of Counterinsurgency (review)

pp. 129-133

The Truth Is Our Weapon: The Rhetorical Diplomacy of Dwight D. Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles (review)

pp. 133-134

The Final Victim of the Blacklist: John Howard Lawson, Dean of the Hollywood Ten (review)

pp. 134-139

Britain’s Policy towards the European Community: Harold Wilson and Britain’s World Role, 1964–1967 (review)

pp. 139-140

Einstein on Politics (review)

pp. 140-143

The School of the Americas: Military Training and Political Violence in the Americas (review)

pp. 143-144

Hollywood’s Cold War (review)

pp. 145-146

The Last Colonial Massacre: Latin America in the Cold War (review)

pp. 147-149

Total Cold War: Eisenhower’s Secret Propaganda Battle at Home and Abroad (review)

pp. 149-153

Henry Kissinger and the American Century (review)

pp. 153-156

Dean Acheson: A Life in the Cold War (review)

pp. 156-158

La Gouvernance Supranationale dans la Construction Européenne (review)

pp. 158-160

Reporting the Partition of Punjab, 1947: Press, Public and Other Opinions (review)

pp. 160-162

Punjab Politics, 1 January 1944–3 March 1947: Last Years of the Ministries Governors’ Fortnightly Reports and Other Key Documents (review)

pp. 162-164

Safehaven: The Allied Pursuit of Nazi Assets Abroad (review)

pp. 164-166

Massenmedien im Kalten Krieg: Akteure, Bilder, Resonanzen (review)

pp. 166-169

Verräter oder Widerstandskämpfer? Wehrmachtgeneral Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach (review)

pp. 169-172

Compagno e cittadino: Il PCI tra via parlamentare e lotta armata (review)

pp. 172-174

At the Dawn of the Cold War: The Soviet-American Crisis over Iranian Azerbaijan, 1941–1946 (review)

pp. 174-176

Negotiating with the Enemy: U.S.-China Talks during the Cold War, 1949–1972 (review)

pp. 176-178

Music and Ideology in Cold War Europe (review)

pp. 178-179

Stalin’s Wars: From World War to Cold War, 1939–1953 (review)

pp. 179-181

The History of the Gulag: From Collectivization to the Great Terror (review)

pp. 181-183

Neutralität—Chance oder Chimäre? Konzepte des Dritten Weges für Deutschland und die Welt 1945–1990 (review)

pp. 183-185

Brainwashing: The Fictions of Mind Control—A Study of Novels and Films since World War II (review)

pp. 185-187

Edward Lansdale’s Cold War (review)

pp. 187-189

Irresistible Empire: America’s Advance through Twentieth-Century Europe (review)

pp. 189-191

The Politics of Past Evil: Religion, Reconciliation, and the Dilemmas of Transitional Justice (review)

pp. 191-193

Telling October: Memory and the Making of the Bolshevik Revolution (review)

pp. 193-195

Die sowjetische Besatzung in Österreich 1945–1955 und ihre politische Mission (review)

pp. 196-198

The Strategic Triangle: France, Germany, and the United States in the Shaping of the New Europe (review)

pp. 198-199

Der Wehrbeauftragte 1951 bis 1985: Aus Sorge um den Soldaten (review)

pp. 200-201

Vertreibung der Vertriebenen? Der historische deutsche Osten in der Erinnerungskultur der Bundesrepublik (1961–1982) (review)

pp. 202-203

Gleichschaltung unter Stalin? Die Entwicklung der Parteien in östlichen Europa, 1944–1949 (review)

pp. 203-205

Seven Years That Changed the World: Perestroika in Perspective (review)

pp. 205-207

Veiled Empire: Gender and Power in Stalinist Central Asia (review)

pp. 207-209

Into that Silent Sea: Trailblazers of the Space Era, 1961–1965 (review)

pp. 209-211