restricted access   New Series, Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2008

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From: West Virginia History: A Journal of Regional Studies

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West Virginia Coal Mine Fatalities: The Subculture of Danger and a Statistical Overview of the Pre-enforcement Era

pp. 1-26

West Virginia Women in World War II: The Role of Gender, Class, and Race in Shaping Wartime Volunteer Efforts

pp. 27-57

Implementing Brown v. Board of Education in West Virginia: The Southern School News Reports

pp. 59-81

Notes and Documents

Remembering Fairmont during World War II: An Interview with Lysbeth Huster and Joyce Ann Irons

pp. 83-90

Review Essay

Making Book: The Encyclopedia of Appalachia Takes Its Place in a Crowded Field

pp. 91-98

Book Reviews

Becoming Bourgeois: Merchant Culture in the South, 1820–1865 (review)

pp. 99-100

Healing Kentucky: Medicine in the Bluegrass State (review)

pp. 101-102

Glass Towns: Industry, Labor, and Political Economy in Appalachia, 1890–1930s (review)

pp. 102-103

Civic Myths: A Law-and-Literature Approach to Citizenship (review)

pp. 103-105

George Washington’s Enforcers: Policing the Continental Army (review)

pp. 105-106

The White House Looks South: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson (review)

pp. 107-108

Greenbackers, Knights of Labor, and Populists: Farmer-Labor Insurgency in the Late-Nineteenth-Century South (review)

pp. 109-111

The Scratch of a Pen: 1763 and the Transformation of North America, and: Never Come to Peace Again: Pontiac’s Uprising and the Fate of the British Empire in North America (review)

pp. 111-114

Clash of Loyalties: A Border County in the Civil War (review)

pp. 114-116

Retreat from Gettysburg: Lee, Logistics, and the Pennsylvania Campaign (review)

pp. 116-118

My Appalachia: A Memoir (review)

pp. 118-120

The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864 (review)

pp. 120-122