restricted access   Volume 17, Number 1, May 1999

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From: Journal of Modern Greek Studies

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Special Issue: Greek Constitutional Law and Practice

Books and Journals Recently Received

pp. 207-208


Greek Constitutional Law and Practice

Greek Constitutional Law and Practice: Introduction

pp. 1-2

Human Rights in Greece: Twelve Years of Supervision from Strasbourg

pp. 3-21

A New Role for the Greek Church?

pp. 23-40

Political Romanticism in Modern Greece

pp. 41-61

A Farewell to Judicial Passivity: The Environmental Jurisprudence of the Greek Council of State

pp. 63-84

Pavlos Kalligas and Thanos Vlekas: The Lack of Common Sense among the Greeks

pp. 85-106

James Joyce and the Eastern Orthodox Church

pp. 107-124

The Poetic "Christology" of Manolis Anagnostakis

pp. 125-150

VAT Evasion: Overview of the Greek Experience

pp. 151-162

Essay Reviews

Lexiko tes neas Hellenikes glossas

pp. 163-170

Kedros Modern Greek Writers Series

pp. 170-179

Book Reviews

(En)taseis kai (dia)staseis: he Hellenike tragodia kai he theoria tou eikostou aiona

pp. 181-184

Britain and the Revolt in Cyprus 1954-1959, and: To kypriako zetema 1878-1960, he syntagmatike ptyche

pp. 184-186

Mythen, Metaphern und Metamorphosen : Weibliche Parodie in der zeitgenossischen griechischen Literatur

pp. 186-188

Greece and the Law of the Sea

pp. 188-192

The Rehearsal of Misunderstanding: Three Collections by Contemporary Greek Women Poets: "The Cake" by Rhea Galanaki, "Tales of the Deep" by Jenny Mastoraki, "Hers" by Maria Laina

pp. 192-196

A Greek Odyssey in the American West

pp. 196-200

Greece: A Traveler's Literary Companion

pp. 200-202


Commentary: Review of Richard Clogg, Anatolica: Studies in the Greek East in the 18th and 19th Centuries

pp. 203-205