restricted access   Volume 16, Number 2, October 1998

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From: Journal of Modern Greek Studies

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Special Issue: Niko Kazantzakis

Of Crete and Other Demons: A Reading of Kazantzakis's Freedom and Death

pp. 195-220

Restoring the Prologue to the English Edition of Vios kai politeia tou Alexe Zormpa (alias Zorba the Greek ): Recreating a Work in Progress

pp. 221-240

Prologue to Zorba the Greek

pp. 241-245

Language as a Mask for Silence in Two Seemingly Antithetical Authors: Kazantzakis and Joyce

pp. 247-264

Kazantzakis's Metachristian Play Nikiforos Fokas

pp. 265-284

Kazantzakis and Christian Doctrine: Some Bridges of Understanding

pp. 285-312

The Concept of Resemblance in Kazantzakis's Tragedies Christ and Buddha

pp. 313-330

"Does This One Exist?" The Unveiled Abyss of Nikos Kazantzakis

pp. 331-348

Essay Review

Ethico-political portrait of the Greek imagination

pp. 349-356

Book Reviews

Kazantzakis and God (review)

pp. 357-358

Greek Modernism and Beyond: Essays in Honor of Peter Bien (review)

pp. 358-362

Ares Alexandrou, o exoristos (review)

pp. 362-365

The Oxopetra Elegies, and: The Collected Poems of Odysseus Elytis (review)

pp. 365-368

The Poetry and Poetics of Constantine P. Cavafy: Aesthetic Visions of Sensual Reality (review)

pp. 368-371

Anatolica: Studies in the Greek East in the 18t h and 19th Centuries (review)

pp. 371-374

Imagining the Balkans (review)

pp. 375-377

New Voices in the Nation: Women and the Greek Resistance, 1941-1964 (review)

pp. 378-381

Dinner with Persephone: Travels in Greece (review)

pp. 381-384