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pp. i-ii

Remembering 1807: Histories of the Slave Trade, Slavery and Aboltion


pp. 1-5

Excessive Memories: Slavery, Insurance and Resistance

pp. 6-28

The Zong and the Lord Chief Justice

pp. 29-47

'My Voice is sold, & I must be a Slave': Abolition Rhetoric, British Liberty and the Yorkshire Elections of 1806 and 1807

pp. 48-73

'Possessing Slaves': Ownership, Compensation and Metropolitan Society in Britain at the time of Emancipation 1834–40

pp. 74-102

Sierra Leone and Other Sites in the War of Representation over Slavery

pp. 103-132

Heathens, Slaves and Aborigines: Thomas Hodgkin's Critique of Missions and Anti-slavery

pp. 133-161

Set in Stone? Statues and Slavery in London

pp. 162-199

Commemorating Slavery 2007: a Personal View from Inside the Museums

pp. 200-210

Articles and Essays

War, Migration and Alienation in Colonial Calcutta: the Remaking of Muzaffar Ahmad

pp. 212-239

Debating the Armenian Massacres in the Last Ottoman Parliament, November – December 1918

pp. 240-270

New Ways in History, 1966–2006

pp. 271-294

A New Civilization? London Surveyed 1928-1940s

pp. 296-320

Global Times and Spaces: on Historicizing the Global


pp. 321-322

Not Even Remotely Global? Method and Scale in World History

pp. 323-328

Historicizing the Global, or Labouring for Invention?

pp. 329-334

From Globalization to Global History

pp. 335-340

Globe Talk: the Cartographic Logic of Late Capitalism

pp. 341-346

History at Large

The Genesis of East End Underworld: Chapters in the Life of Arthur Harding by Raphael Samuel

pp. 347-353

Stories of Migration: The Anishinaabeg and Irish Immigrants in the Great Lakes Region

pp. 354-370

History on the Line

Border-Crossing: My Imperial Routes

pp. 372-381

Book Reviews


pp. 382-389

Commemorative History without Guarantees

pp. 389-397

Go There!

pp. 398-401

Two Occult Philosophers in the Elizabethan Age

pp. 401-410

Mass Observation Redux

pp. 411-419

Getting Along

pp. 419-424

Starry Eyed

pp. 425-430


pp. 430-438

On the Record

pp. 439-445

Bloomsbury Lives

pp. 445-454

Report Back

Remembering 1956: Destalinization and Suez after Fifty Years

pp. 455-456

'Reconfiguring the British' Seminars and Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave-Trade

pp. 456-459


John La Rose (1927–2006)

pp. 460-466

Michael Zimmermann (1951–2007)

pp. 467-469

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