restricted access   Volume 35, Number 3, August 2007

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From: Early Music

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Guest Editor: Tess Knighton


p. 337

Dieterich Buxtehude (d. 1707)

In Buxtehude's footsteps

pp. 339-353

Modes and tones in Buxtehude’s organ works

pp. 355-369

From Lübeck to Sweden: thoughts and observations on the Buxtehude sources in the Düben collection

pp. 371-383

Buxtehude on CD: a tercentenary survey

pp. 385-396

Dance in late 17th- and early 18th-century London

To repeat (or not to repeat)? Dance cues in Restoration English opera

pp. 397-417

A ballet des nations for English audiences: Europe's revels for the peace of Ryswick (1697)

pp. 419-433

'So Great a Master as Mr Isaac': an exemplary dancing-master of late Stuart London

pp. 435-446


Tallis, Isidore of Seville and Suscipe quaeso

pp. 447-450

Book Reviews

The remarkable story of musical notation

pp. 451-452

Not quite just

pp. 452-454

Bridging Renaissance and Baroque

pp. 454-456

Lost voices

pp. 456-458

Tercentenary Buxtehude

pp. 459-460

Just the facts?

pp. 460-462

Northumbrian Baroque

pp. 462-464

Music Reviews

Bizzarri, bizzarri, bizzarri. ..

p. 465

Singing Jacquet de La Guerre

pp. 466-467

Collecting Roseingrave

pp. 468-469

C. P. E. Bach, old and new

pp. 469-470

Recording Reviews

Medieval music by Christians, Jews and Arabs

pp. 471-472

Guerrero and his contemporaries

pp. 473-474

Early keyboard music

pp. 474-477

Rare Italian instrumental music

pp. 477-480

French keyboard music, known and unknown

pp. 480-482

As one Bach door closes...

pp. 482-484

Sammartini to Mendelssohn

pp. 484-486

The emperor’s new clothes? ‘Period’ Beethoven and performance traditions

pp. 486-488


Holy Week in Cuenca

pp. 489-490


Locating the bridge

pp. 491-493

Scholarly support?

pp. 434-494

Another blast on the musicological trumpet

pp. 494-495

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A new Internet Academy

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