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Editorial Board

Managing Editor

Lindsey Kate Sloan

Assistant General Editor

Jill Kolongowski

Fiction Editor

Maura Stackpoole

Poetry Editor

Jenna Scafuri

Non-Fiction Editor

Jasmine Angelini-Knoll

Arts & Graphics Editor

Emma Reid

Business Manager

Bobby Coleman

Events Coordinator/Publicity

Hillary Kribben


Charles Roman

Fiction Readers

Brittany Baker
Alexis Biasell
Stacey Burger
Pamela D'Arcy
Casey DeSmet
Trevor Donaldson
Kerry Drake
Natalie Eidenier
Stephanie Glazier
Jessica Henning
Amy Hitchingham
Ashley Luster
Rose Wilson

Poetry Readers

Mycah Artis
Amy Gibson
Courtney Hilden
Samara Napolitan
Kenya Nelson
Rebecca Piasecki
Ben Rubinstein
Molly Tranberg
Liz Young

Nonfiction Readers

Andy Balaskovitz
Alison Doyle
Angela Matovski
Laura Mitchell
Lauren Naglick
Emily Wollner

Faculty Advisor

Gordon Henry
Associate Professor and Director of the Creative Writing Department at Michigan State University

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Volume 41, 2006

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Volume 43, 2008