restricted access   Volume 10, Issue 2, 2007

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From: Theory & Event

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Mode of Excess: Bataille, Criminality, and the War On Terror

Ontologies of War: Violence, Existence and Reason

Potential Politics and the Primacy of Preemption

(Out of) Control Demons: Software Agents, Complexity Theory and the Revolution in Military Affairs


Introduction to Urbicide: The Killing of Cities?

The Literature of Urbicide: Friedrich, Nossack, Sebald, and Vonnegut

Revisiting Cold War Ideology in the Secure City: Towards a Political Economy of Urbicide

Colonization and the New Imperialism: On the Meaning of Urbicide Today

'Urbicide' Reconsidered

Urbicide, Urbanism, and Urban Destruction in Kosovo

Another go at Life: Dili, East Timor

National Soldiers and the War on Cities

Networking Security in the Space of the City: Event-ful Battlespaces and the Contingency of the Encounter

Narratives of destruction and survival: writing and reading about life in urban war zones


The Law is Dead, Long Live Law; or, no use for ius

The Road to Abu Ghraib Goes Through Königsberg

The Presence of Absence: The Concept of Lack in Sociality