David S. Shields

    Book Review Editor

    Sandra Gustafsen

    Advisory Editor

    Philip F. Gura

    Editorial Board

    Douglas Anderson University of Georgia
    Cristine Levenduski Emory University
    Nancy Ruttenberg New York University
    Shirley Samuels Cornell University
    Reiner Smolinski Georgia State University

    Editorial Associate Daphne O'Brien

    Early American Literature, published three time a year, is the journal of the Modern Languange Association's American Literature Division I. Its province is American literature through the early national period (about 1830).
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    Reprints and back volumes available from Bell & Howell.
    Contributors are asked to adopt the new MLA style described in The MLA Style Manual(1985) in the preparation of manuscripts and to omit their name from the body of the essay. Send submissions and editorial correspondence to Department of English, The Citadel, PO Box 85, Charleston, SC 29409.