restricted access   Volume 18, Number 3, Fall 2006

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From: Studies in American Indian Literatures

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Special Issue: Remembering James Welch

Guest Editor: Kathryn W. Shanley

Circling Back, Closing In: Remembering James Welch

pp. 3-13

The Pleasure of His Company

pp. 14-26

A Generous Friend

pp. 27-29

Missoula Remembers James Welch

pp. 30-32

Backed into the Wind, Clean-Limbed and Patient

pp. 33-35

Missing Jim

pp. 36-38

Finding an Indian Poet

pp. 39-40

Happiness That Sleeps with Sadness

pp. 41-42

A Tribute to James Welch

pp. 43-45

Trickster of Literacy

pp. 46-48

Remembering James Welch's Poetry

pp. 49-51

Keening Woman and Today: James Welch's Early Unpublished Novel

pp. 52-57

The Strength of Native Women in James Welch's Winter in the Blood

pp. 58-66

Transmitted Trauma and "Absent Memory" in James Welch's The Death of Jim Loney

pp. 67-81

"There Is a Right Way"

pp. 82-89

Closure in James Welch's Fools Crow

pp. 90-97

"The Primitive Has Escaped Control": Narrating the Nation in The Heartsong of Charging Elk

pp. 98-106