restricted access   Volume 12, Number 4, 2006

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From: GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

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Topsy-Turvydom: Gender Inversion, Sapphism, and the Great War

pp. 517-542

Orientations: Toward a Queer Phenomenology

pp. 543-574

Boys of the Lex: Transgenderism and Rhetorics of Materiality

pp. 575-597

Moving Image Review

Queer Film and Video Festival Forum, Take Two: Critics Speak Out

p. 599

Surprise Me

pp. 600-602

City of Festivals

pp. 603-605

Bridges and Battles

pp. 605-607

Camps and Shifts

pp. 607-611


pp. 612-614

Queer Shuttling: Korea-Manila-New York

pp. 614-617

The Global Economy of Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals

pp. 617-619

The New Homosexual Film Festivals

pp. 620-625

Book Review

Queer Studies Under Ethnography's Sign

pp. 627-639

Books in Brief

Rites and Rights

pp. 641-643

The State of Our Unions

pp. 644-646

Queering Borders

pp. 646-649

Beyond Thirdness

pp. 649-651

They Got Medieval

pp. 652-654

Enter the Queer Female Diasporic Subject

pp. 655-656


About the Contributors

pp. 659-661


Index to Volume 12

pp. 663-667