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From: Early Music

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p. 555

Iconography in the history of the recorder up to c.1430--Part 1

pp. 557-574

Handel and the confusd shepherdess: a case study of stylistic eclecticism

pp. 575-589

Gottfried Finger's Christmas pastorellas

pp. 591-606

A 41-cent emendation: a textual problem in Wheatstones publication of Giulio Regondis Serenade for English concertina and piano

pp. 609-616

Infunde amorem cordibus : an early 16th-century polyphonic hymn cycle from Seville

pp. 619-638

The partbooks of a Florentine ex-patriate: new light on Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Ms. Magl. XIX 164-7

pp. 639-645

Reconstructing Talliss Latin Magnificat and Nunc dimittis

pp. 647-658


More on the Lambeth Choirbook

pp. 659-664

Performing Matters

Completing the picture: the importance of reconstructing early opera

pp. 667-681

Review Article

Tallis in performance

pp. 683-692

Book Reviews

After the party: Hildegard since 1998

pp. 693-695

A guide to Willaert

pp. 695-696

The power of song?

pp. 696-700

The bear growls

pp. 700-702

Eloquent bodies: humanist and grotesque dance

pp. 702-704

Disclosing women's voices

pp. 704-706

Music Reviews

The earliest songbook in England

pp. 707-708

Riches of organum

pp. 708-710

On editing Byrd

pp. 710-713

The 'famous organist' Vincent Lubeck

pp. 713-714

Rameau's galante orgy

pp. 714-716

Recording Reviews

Renaissance polyphony

pp. 717-721

A century of English song

pp. 721-723

Italian vocal music

pp. 723-725

Varieties of Vivaldi

pp. 725-727

French harpsichord music

pp. 728-729

Death and the Mayerin : Germanic harpsichord music

pp. 730-732

18th-century Peru

p. 732

Recent recordings from the Classical period

pp. 732-734

The fortepiano from Silbermann to Pleyel

pp. 734-736


Howard Schott (1923-2005)

pp. 739-740


Boris at Boston

pp. 741-743

Baroque music in Faenza

pp. 743-744

Italians in Spain

pp. 744-745

Intercultural contact

pp. 745-747


Cricket songs

p. 749

The clarinet in England

p. 749

Boccherini and the cello

pp. 749-751

Howard Schott: a personal tribute

p. 751

A new Internet Academy

p. 751

Annual Index

A new Internet Academy

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Advertisers' Index

A new Internet Academy

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A correction

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