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London: Hutchinson, 1916. Pp. viii + 312. 1

The Saturday Westminster Gazette, 48 (9 Dec 1916), 20 2

Whose was the huge misshapen hand, apparently encased in a woollen glove, which rose suddenly out of the hatchway? 3 No matter how seasoned the reader may be in treasure-hunting, he will experience several new shudders from Mr. H. de Vere Stacpoole’s new novel. There are all of the usual stage properties, and some original ones too. The story opens on the beach at Sydney, and conducts us up a New Guinea river. There the heroine is discovered in a Dyak village. The description of Macquart, gone mad over the gold which he cannot take away, is extremely well done, and leaves us in a state of complete exhaustion.

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