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Illustrations following page 248.

St. Louis / Smith Academy 1898–1905

The Fifth-Year Class, Classical Course Students, 1903–04, Smith Academy

Milton, MA / Milton Academy 1905–06

Eliot, age 17 (1906),Milton Academy Yearbook

Milton Academy (Forbes House)

Cambridge, MA / Harvard University 1906-10

Eliot, age 18 (1907), as Harvard undergraduate

Facsimile of first page of “The Defects of Kipling”

Facsimile of last page of “The Defects of Kipling”

TheHarvard Advocate Staff, 1910

Paris 1910–11

Eliot, age 22 (1910)

Henri Bergson

Cambridge, MA—Harvard Philosophy Department 1911–14

Eliot, age 25 or 26 (ca. 1913), as graduate student in Harvard Philosophy Department

Josiah Royce

Bertrand Russell

Josiah Royce, Hugo Münsterberg, George Herbert Palmer, William James (1908)

Facsimile of page of “The Interpretation of Primitive Ritual”

Oxford University, Merton College, 1914–15

Merton Students, 1914

F. H. Bradley

Illustrations following page 376

Harold Henry Joachim

Eliot, age 27 (1916)

Facsimile of page of Trinity Term 1915 paper on Aristotle (with Greek)

London 1915–18

Eliot, age 29 or 30 (ca. 1918)


Harriet Shaw Weaver(The Egoist)

Harriet Monroe(Poetry Magazine)


Ezra Pound

Wyndham Lewis

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