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Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1916. Pp. xl+ 156. 1

The Monist, 28 (Apr 1918) 320

A compact little treatise by a distinguished Jain. The author divides his exposition into Theology, Metaphysics, Ethics, and Ritual, and appends a number of Jain texts. The book is a compendium, not an interpretation into terms of Western philosophy–which is to its credit. It will appeal chiefly to the student of Sanskrit and Pali who has some acquaintance with Indian and Buddhist philosophy, and perhaps is ignorant in this less explored field; but it should interest others as well. 2 We regret that the author did not find space for a comparative account; we learn nothing of borrowings, analogies, or common sources. There is an historical narrative of the teachings of Jainism, but none of the development of its philosophy. Jainism is dualistic, and one would like to know what relation it bears to the dualism of early Sankhya. From Mr. Jaini’s statement of the three cardinal principles (karma, relativism, and ahimsaor non-injury of living beings), we do not discern any fundamental difference from some forms of Buddhism.

One is glad to see that honor is paid to the labors of that greatest of Orientalists, Jacobi. 3 The book is published under the auspices of the Jain Literature Society. We hope that it will spread the interest in a noble religion and ethics and an important philosophy. 4


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