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THE MAN WHO LOVED LEVITTOWN WINNER OF THE DRUE HEINZ LITERATURE PRIZE 1985 THE MAN WHO LOVED EVITTOWN W. D. W E T H E R E L L UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH PRESS Published by the University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15260 Copyright© 1985, W. D. Wetherell All rights reserved Peffer and Simons, Inc., London Manufactured in the United States of America Second printing 1986 Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Wetherell, W. D. The man who loved Levittown. Contents: The man who loved Levittown-Spitfire autumn-If a woodchuck could chuck wood-[etc.] I. Title. PS3573.E9248M3 1985 813'.54 85-1172 ISBN 0-8229-3520-1 (alk. paper) "The Man Who Loved Levittown" originally appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, "If a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood" was first published in Virginia Quarterly Review, "The Lob" is reprinted from Colorado Quarterly, "Nickel a Throw" was originally published in New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly, "Narrative of the Whale Truck Essex" first appeared in The Michigan Quarterly Review, "Volpi's Farewell" was first published in Graffiti, and "Spitfire Autumn" is reprinted from Virginia Quarterly Review. "The Bass, the River and Sheila Mant" won the 1983 PEN Syndicated Fiction Prize and fust appeared in the following newspapers: Arizona Republic, Chicago Tribune, Hartford Courant, Kansas City Star, Miami Herald, Newsday, Oregonian, Rocky Mountain News, and San Francisco Chronicle. "North of Peace" won the 1984 PEN Syndicated Fiction Prize and first appeared in the following newspapers: Hartford Courant, Miami Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, and Village Advocate. For Katherine and David ...


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