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2 预感 穿黑裙的女人夤夜而来 她秘密的一瞥使我精疲力竭 我突然想起这个季节鱼都会死去 而每条路正在穿越飞鸟的痕迹 貌似尸体的山峦被黑暗拖曳 附近灌木的心跳隐约可闻 那些巨大的鸟从空中向我俯视 带着人类的眼神 在一种秘而不宣的野蛮空气中 冬天起伏着残酷的雄性意识 我一向有着不同寻常的平静 犹如盲者,因此我在白天看见黑夜 婴儿般直率,我的指纹 已没有更多的悲哀可提供 脚步 ! 正在变老的声音 梦显得若有所知,从自己的眼睛里 我看到了忘记开花的时辰 给黄昏施加压力 藓苔含在口中,他们所恳求的意义 把微笑会心地折入怀中 夜晚似有似无地痉挛,像一声咳嗽 憋在喉咙,我已离开这个死洞 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 2 9/21/11 12:22 PM 3 from the series woman PREMONITION A woman dressed in black arrives in the dead of night Just one secretive glance leaves me spent I realize with a start: this is the season when all fish die And every road is criss-crossed with traces of birds in flight A corpse-like chain of mountain ranges dragged off by the darkness The heartbeats of nearby thickets barely audible Enormous birds peer down at me from the sky With human eyes In a barbarous atmosphere that keeps its secrets Winter lets its brutally male consciousness rise and fall. I’ve always been uncommonly serene Like the blind, I see night’s darkness in the light of day Artless as an infant, my fingerprints Can reveal no more grief Footsteps! A sound now growing old Dreams seem to possess some knowledge, and with my own eyes I saw an hour that forgot to blossom Pressing down on the dusk. Fresh moss in their mouths, the meanings they sought Folded their smiles back into their breasts in tacit understanding The night seems to shudder, like a cough Stuck in the throat, I’ve already quit this dead end hole. Changing Room(fintxt).indd 3 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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