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Index This index includes primarily items from the general discussionsof medicine, gender, and illness cultures in the problematique and conclusion. From the ethnographicchapters , it includes only personal names and concepts and special terms not introduced elsewhere. It covers only general discussionsof these terms, not how they play out in the medical narrative. abuse, emotional and verbal: definition, 2,99; in doctor-patient relationship, 38, 2.99-301, 32,0, 333n 64; gendered aspects of, 300, 320; medical effects of, 300-301; as source of chronic pain, 300. See also biomedical rhetorics, dangers of abuse, physical and sexual: chronic pain syndromes, connection to, 32.1, 343n59; fibromyalgia, connection to, 187-88, 32.1, 343^59 abuse, self-, 203-4 acute illness, 2,0, 34, 2.94, 2,96, 298 adolescent development, girls', 42, 44-45 agency, women's. See women's agency, theory of amelioration, discourse of, 28-29. See also discourses of medicine American College of Rheumatology (ACR), criteria for classificationof fibromyalgia, 276-77 anger: mind rehearsal of, 47, 339n2 (Ch. 5); muting of, 44-46, 308; politics of, 46-47, 335n9o. See alsofemininity; feminism arthritis: age and gender differences in, 317-18, 343n5o; prevalence of, 325n2 auto-ethnography: and autobiography, difference from, 51; as cultural and political critique, 51-55; definition, 5> 51 * 337nii4; insights of, 312-13; intellectual and politicalsignificance of, 53-55, 312-13; limitations of, 5455 ; in medical anthropology, 337ni2i; and solipsism, avoidance of, 52-53. See also emotion; ethnography; situated (positioned) truths; "vulnerable writing" Balshem, Martha, 309-10 Baszanger, Isabelle, 25, 326^, 333n68, 334n74, 337-38ni Behar, Ruth, 55, 337ni25 "benevolent paternalism," 3 3 2n54 biomedical model, 27, 297-98; dangers of, 30, 36, 294, 298-99. See also discourses of medicine; self, patient biomedical rhetorics, dangers of: for patient , 34, 299-301; for physician, 34 biomedicine. See medicine, scientific biopsychosocial model, 301-2, 34in6 (Conclusion) blame, self-: escape routes from, 51; trap of, 50, 253. See also illness cultures; medicine, alternative blame-the-victim models of illness, 5051 . See also chronic illness; illness cultures; medicine, alternative bodily identity. See identity, bodily "body-cure," 294. See also medicine, scientific Breines, Wini, 339n6 (Ch. 4) Brison, Susan, 332.1156 Brown, LynMikel, 41, 42, 44, 308, 334-35n 77, 335nn83, 85, 90 Cassell, Eric J., 31, 35, 299, 305 Christie, Agatha, 313 chronic back pain: physical and sexual abuse, connection to, 321 chronic conditions, general: age distribution of, 325ni; definition, 325ni; prevalence in U.S. of, 3, 325ni; U.S. health care resources devoted to, 34inio. See also chronic illness chronic disease. See chronic illness chronic fatigue syndrome, 9, 49, 317 chronic headache conditions: gender distribution of, 317; physical and sexual abuse, connection to, 321 chronic illness: causes in lifeworld of, 298; dangers of biomedicine for, 20, 30, 33-34, 294, 296-301; definition and sources of, 325ni; and dependence on doctor, 17; emotional oscillations and vulnerabilityin, 33-34; fluctuation and vagueness in symptoms of, 30; fragile sense of self in, 35; gender 365 366 / Index chronic illness (continued) differences in, 317; healing of through whole-person change, 2,98; medical stories of, 30; pervasiveness of, 2,0; probability of poor diagnosis, prognosis , and treatment of, 30-31, 330^7; psychosocial stress and, 30-31, 32.1; social isolation and, 17, 34; struggles with mind-body issues in, 50. See also biomedical rhetorics, dangers of; "longing for organicity"; suffering chronic pain. See pain, chronic chronic pelvic pain: physical and sexual abuse, connection to, 321 class: medical authority and, 309-11 "clinical expertise," 32.8ni7 clinical manufacture of illness, 2.4-2.5, 36; fibromyalgia as example of, 29698 . See also constructionist perspectives on medicine clinical medicine: "dense pragmatic perspective " on, 2.5; four phases of, 2627 ; as kind of laboratory science, 25, 304-5, 32.8m2.. See also patient construction ; persuasion; storytelling; treatment (phases of clinicalmedicine) "clinical science," 32.8ni7 "clinical tales," 2,3. See also storytelling Cohen, Milton L., 313-16 compliance, patient, 39-46; as factor in women's oppression, 44; rhetorical production of, 113-14; roots of in gender identity, 46-47. See also doctorpatient relationship, gender dynamics of constructionist perspectives on medicine, 2,3-2.5, 303-5. See also clinical manufacture of illness; facts, medical Cornwall, Patricia, 6 crime fiction. See mystery stories crime metaphors, uses of, 314-15. See also metaphor, medical Cross, Amanda, 6 depression: biomedical practice as cause of, 176-77; ethic of care, connection to, 45 diagnostic-treatment grid, 88 diary, medical, 12. difference: inner, 40, 309, 335...


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